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Kids Taekwondo Programs

The most important aspect in Martial Arts is discipline, which we strictly enforce in our classes. Children will build self-confidence, as they take on new challenges to further develop their character. As children learn the foundations of Taekwondo and the essentials of self-defense techniques, they will improve their strength, coordination and flexibility.

We try to balance fun and discipline in our classes, as we strongly believe in fostering children’s strengths through positive reinforcement. And we hope that parents will see their children’s behavior change for the better as they start to embrace the tenets of Taekwondo; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, and Self Control.

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Youth/Adults Taekwondo Programs

Taekwondo isn’t just for kids, teens and adults of all age are welcomed to come join us in our Youth/Adult Program. This class is a multi-faceted workout designed for youth and adults of all experience levels and physical conditioning. With respect to your physical abilities, you will be pushed to seize your potential and gain all the benefits Taekwondo has to offer in a challenging, respectful, yet friendly environment.

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After School Pick Up Program

Our After-School Pick-Up program was created to bridge the gap between school and home. We offer safe transportation from your child’s school right to our doors; and genuine care in a positive and supportive environment. An afternoon of fun and Taekwondo training where children can learn good values and social skills.

The program includes one hour of Taekwondo lesson, fun activities, snack & homework time. We will ensure that the children are safe while playing and learning as they wait for class time. So, worry no more about your child’s after school schedule. We are here to help!

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Summer/Spring/Pro-D Day Camps

We are pleased and excited to be offering Summer, Spring, and Pro-D Day Camps

Summer/Spring Camps

Our Summer and Spring day camps have various fun themes such as Pokemon, Superhero, Outer Space, Anti-bullying Awareness, and Leadership to take your kids beyond the regular school curriculum. Every day starts with an hour of Taekwondo and we go on fun field trips throughout the week. We may go to places such as water parks, Extreme Airpark, Lazer Tag, and playgrounds. As well, we’ll be doing fun activities and games where campers work closely with each out and camp leaders to create art works and form friendships. Campers aged 5-12 are welcomed to come join us, and no Taekwondo experience is necessary. Drop off is at 9AM and pickup is at 3PM, students must bring snack, lunch, water, and other items that may be needed for field trips.

Pro-D Day Camps

Our Pro-D Day camps are a one of a kind, where we ensure that students are spending a productive and active day instead of lounging at home on days they don’t have school. Just like school, students are dropped off at 9AM, but instead of learning the normal school curriculum we will learn Taekwondo instead! And students will be provided opportunities to read, do a bit of homework, and then go on field trips. Our staff members can help students with their homework as well! This camp is suitable for elementary school students and pick up is at 3PM.

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