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Your Burning Questions Answered

Yes, we are members of World Taekwondo Federation of BC & Canada, and Kukkiwon. We are a part of Via Sport, which is an organization that unifies all accredited sports groups in BC.

Taekwondo is suitable for people in all stages of life. However, we recommend that students be at least 4 years old. All we require is a positive attitude and willingness to try something new. If you’re unsure whether Taekwondo is for you, come give it a try! We offer 2 free trial classes.

We ask students to attend at the very least 2 times per week. Taekwondo is a progressive sport where you have to work for your next belt, and we find that coming once per week simply isn’t enough for students to be ready for belt testing.

We hold belt testing 4 times per year and that’s the opportunity for students to achieve their next belt. You will need to know your belt level appropriate patterns and kicks, and you will be tested on your conditioning and knowledge component. As well, students will receive a discipline score from either parents or instructors as discipline is one of the core aspects of Taekwondo.

This is a question we get asked all too often and there is no one correct answer. Some students take 4 years whereas some students take 6 years. It is really dependent on the journey of the student, whereas some students choose to wait for each belt test so that they can go compete in championships, some students opt to race through their belt. Everyone’s skill sets are different and age capability are factors to consider as well.

We have several membership options and the fee will be dependent on how often students attend class and the duration of commitment. And depending on the membership chosen or promotions that may be going on at the time, the uniform may or may not be included ($65). Come on in to consult with one of our administrative members about which membership would best fit your goals or simply give us a call at 604-669-8707.