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Third Eye Martial Arts Taekwondo School has been helping members of all ages achieve physical coordination, agility, flexibility, strength, and endurance since 1998. We follow the World Taekwondo curriculum, which has been established by Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation), hence our black belt students are recognized world wide. As well, Third Eye Martial Arts is a proud member of BC Taekwondo & Canada Federation, which allows our students to participate in championships and all other Taekwondo events in BC every year.

Our mission is to help members build confidence, discipline, focus, physical/mental strength, and learn self defense skills in hopes our students are empowered to meet the challenges in life. And the foundations of our teaching is through motivating and positive learning environments, where our experienced instructors are responsive to the students needs.


Kukkiwon Certified Masters/Instructors

Master Saadati

7th Dan

Master Saadati started Taekwondo back in Iran when he was a kid. He has over 35 years Taekwondo experience, over 19 years teaching, and 15 years competing experience at all levels. His favorite technique is his lethal back kick and spinning turning kick.

Master Mehdi

Program Director
4th Dan

Master Mehdi started Taekwondo back in Tehran after seeing Master Saadati competing. Ever since then, he has been a Taekwondo aficionado. He has been doing Taekwondo for more than 28 years and his favorite aspects of it is sparring and kicking. He is also the Program Director of Third Eye Martial Arts, and students who are looking to advance beyond regular training should speak with Master Mehdi.

Master BC Kim

Head Instructor (Dunbar Studio)
6th Dan

Master Kim came to Canada in 2016 after dedicating several years in Korea teaching and learning Taekwondo. He started Taekwondo when he was 5 years old and went to major in it in university. He specialized in Demonstrations and is currently coaching the Third Eye Martial Arts Demo Team.

Master Kenneth

Head Instructor (W8 Studio)
4th Dan

Master Kenneth started Taekwondo in 2006, due to his general interest in martial arts. His favorite techniques are the counter turning kick, and the spinning turning kick. Also, his favorite aspect of Taekwondo is sparring and he has done several sparring competitions.

Instructor Masoud

3rd Dan

Bio coming soon

Instructor Maryam

3rd Dan

Bio coming soon

Master Zach

4th Dan

Bio coming soon

Instructor Alannah

3rd Dan

Bio coming soon

Instructor Jessica

1st Dan

Bio coming soon

Master Lee

Bio coming soon

Instructor Gwen

Bio coming soon

Instructor David

Bio coming soon

Instructor Shaughnessy

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Instructor Cathy Park

Program Director, 2nd Dan

Anastasiia I.

W8 Receptionist

Joy Kim

Dunbar Receptionist